Marko Pratneker

IT. In love with coffee.

Hi, i'm Marko!

IT / Mobile devices enthusiast. I love coffee.

Like you have guessed I have true passion for all things computer / mobile devices related. Feel free to take a look around my presentation page.


Marko Pratneker

Phone: 00386 (0)40 898 042


22 June 1983 - Ljubljana, Slovenia

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High school graduate

Gimnazija Moste - Graduation 2004

I have successfully finished high school graduation in Ljubljana at High School Gimnazija Moste in the year 2004. My optional subjects besides mandatory subjects (Slovene language, mathematics and English) were psychology and history.

Work Experience

My own company

Regional sales manager - August 2013 - Current

In August 2013 I have started my own company Marko Pratneker s.p. trough which I am working as a outsourcing Regional sales manager for company M-2000 d.o.o.. Based on my long years of experience of purchase and sales of IT components I am taking care both of purchase and sales inside Europe for different kind of goods. Trough my years of work with different regions in Europe I have gained excellent confidence to establish great business opportunities for my company.

M-2000 d.o.o.

Regional sales manager - Jan 2012 - August 2013

In January 2012 I have started working as a service contractor for company M-2000 d.o.o.. With my help with fresh suppliers and buyers we have succeeded to establish excellent business opportunities and a steady grow of IT component sells. Both on domestic market and widely in Europe.

Izid, d.o.o.

Product manager and B2B webshop manager - 2006 - December 2011

- Head admin and idea manager of B2B webshop

- Product manager for networking devices:
- LevelOne
- Intellinet

Product manager for computer cases / psu
- LC Power

- Product manager for motherboards
- Gigabyte

- Helping with product management for Matrox graphics cards and Navigon navigation devices

Student opportunity jobs

Mix of jobs - Jan 2002 - December 2005

During my student years I have worked on a few opportunity jobs. Just to name a few better know companies:
- Hella Saturnus Slovenija d.o.o.
- Mestna občina Ljubljana
- Unistar LC d.o.o.


Professional Skills

  • 100% Complete
    Comunication 100%
  • 95% Complete
    Leadership 95%
  • 95% Complete
    Confidence 95%

Business Skills

  • 95% Complete
    Purchasing 95%
  • 92% Complete
    Sales 92%
  • 100% Complete
    B2B webstore management 100%

Language fluency

  • 100% Complete
    Slovenian 100%
  • 100% Complete
    English 100%
  • 10% Complete
    German 10%



Internet is the greatest thing since sliced bread.


The majority of the work I do is done via mobile devices (my ultrabook and mobile phone). Great mobile apps make the world go round and round.

Books / Movies

I love reading. Online or books (Kindle) I do not care. Love it. And who can argue with a relaxing time in front of TV and a good movie right?

Thank You!

“Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes”

Napoleon Hill